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Research Positions

The Center for Quantum Materials at the University of Toronto is planning to recruit postdoctoral fellows in Quantum Condensed Matter Theory. The nominal starting date will be September 1, 2024, but a later date can be arranged if necessary. The postdoctoral fellows will work in the research group of Prof. Yong Baek Kim and will also have opportunities to collaborate with other faculty members in the department. Research interests of the group include topological phases of matter, quantum spin liquids, non-Fermi liquids, unconventional superconductivity, frustrated magnets, quantum dynamics in non-equilibrium quantum systems, and quantum-classical hybrid algorithms. Both analytically and numerically minded candidates are welcome to apply.

Application instructions: Applicants can send a single PDF file that contains CV, publication list, a brief (typically not more than 3 pages) statement of research interests via email to

Please arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent to

Application review will begin on November 17, 2023 and continue until the position is filled.